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Hungarian Spring

Hungary is a battleground state in the global fight to defend democracy.

Proceeds from our current fundraising drive fund the Hungarian Spring / Magyar Tavasz campaign , helping Hungarians from the diaspora vote. Hungarian language content

Action for Democracy is a 501.(c)(4) that empowers democratic actors to defend and rebuild their democracies. We are committed to an inclusive and democratic future and we aim to build and mobilize an international pro-democracy solidarity movement at the grassroots that pushes back against the rising threat of autocracy around the world.

Our first stop is in Hungary, a battleground state where anti-democratic forces are trying to use an upcoming election in April to cement their grip over power. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the poster boy for kleptocratic autocrats around the world, endorsed by Donald Trump , supported by Vladimir Putin, and trumpeted by Tucker Carlson. He has emboldened corruption that has enriched his cadre at the expense of ordinary Hungarians and laid out a welcome mat to Vladimir Putin in Europe.

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Next Stop: Brazil

Support civil society efforts to register first-time voters.

We are also looking to play a role supporting pro-democracy grassroots forces in Brazil, another environment where the rule of law has been under enormous stress and the 2022 election will be decisive. Our goal there is to support civil society efforts who are working to register 16 and 17 year olds to cast their first vote in Democracy's hour of need - especially black youth who have been historically disenfranchised.

We will also support efforts to encourage these new voters to show up at the polls, as unlike most Brazilian citizens their vote is not mandatory. We will also support efforts to ensure seniors over 70 vote, as they are also not required to turn out. But we know that many elder Brazilians have a very keen memory of what it looks like when democracy is shut down, and we are eager to help them defend it once again.

With your help Action For Democracy funds frontline democracy organizations to broaden democratic participation and promote free and fair elections.

We support nonpartisan voter registration drives and voter education especially in diaspora communities. We strengthen civil society and independent media through grants to combat hate, fear, and exclusion.

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